Type of frame for brood box

I just bought a NUC of bees and they supply them on British Standard frames… will they fit in the flowhive brood box please?

Just do this:

Thanks for your reply and for the idea.
So the langstroth frame fit the flow hive then?
I might be able to update the order and have the nuc on langstroth frames…

Flow hives are Langstroth hives. Just with a different extraction mechanism. :blush:

By the way, in the UK, you may do better with a second brood box for the long winter. What do you say @HappyHibee?

Oh my I am so clumsy. Thanks for the explanation.

I heard about that … I do not understand why I should add another brood box … I would have guessed I need another honey box…
thanks Dawn for your patience :see_no_evil:

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You are not clumsy, you are learning and asking sensible questions. You need a second brood box so that your bees have enough honey to last through the winter. Most people in the UK run on “brood and a half” or double brood hives. That means 2 boxes below the honey super. I think you should do the same when you are beginning, but by all means, ask your local bee club too. :wink:

The bees use the second brood box to store honey, not just to make babies. You just put 2 boxes below the queen excluder before you add any honey supers. You will be fine if you do that. :blush:

Thanks thanks thanks
I’m going to buy another brood box so I can keep it in case I need it.
You were so useful thanks

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As usual the UK beekeepers are funny buggers and like to do things different :roll_eyes:. It’s common for a brood and half in the UK (using a national shallow super) .

My own experience was my flow hive with single brood did better than my traditional Langstroth with single brood :confused: but my Langstroth had a week colony.

I live in the Midlands so winters haven’t been too bad just wet and windy.

Using a double or brood or brood and half should help with the bees taking to the flow frames. The more bees the more stores.

With hives now at work I might experiment with a double brood and see how that goes.

My bees are on fire this year with only a single brood but I reckon the increase in wildflowers and lack of pollution and people out and about is helping.

Councils haven’t been tending or cutting grass areas and the volume of wild flowers around is great to see and the bees seem to be flourishing.

If Saliha has a local club they should be able to give some advice on what locals prefer.

I’m sat in my garden just now and a huge amount of orientation flights going on around my flow hive. My capped brood frames last inspection looked like full frames of honey there were that many bees, same with the frames with larve so Im debating on whether to add a second brood but I’ll wait another week or two and if the 2019 over wintered Queen keeps this up I might need to or I’ll end up with a swarm.

@Paras would be good to give his thoughts in this his set up in the UK and his thoughts I regularly look too fur help.

Hi happyhibee
Thanks for your reply
I’m in the Midlands too
I need to understand something that I dont find clear yet please.
The second brood box must be placed on top of the first at the beginning of the hive setup or just for winter? I was guessing it should be placed at the beginning to give time to the bees to fill it up with honey but I read somewhere that for over wintering you should remove the flow frame box and add the brood box.
Can you please make me understand :blush:

Hi HappyHibee

I am following what the bees are needing, I have few colonies on double brood box and few on single brood box.

The double brood boxes are where I have very profilic queens which covers about 12-14 frames of brood frames.

I had few colonies I down sized them to single brood box and they are doing fine in the smaller space.

The one double brood box colony I had almost filled in a FlowHive super by Mid April, I had to split this colony into 4 due to swarm cells and still the parent colony is strong and the super is full of bees. I have decided the genetic of this queen is what I would like to see more so will check the performance of her daughters next year.

I am also using split board to raise new nucleus colonies.