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Dead pupae in tray

I’m worried about my bees and have two question:

  1. A couple of weeks ago I noticed some dead pupae in the tray. Thought it was a one time thing. When I inspected yesterday it looks like some of my brood is dead in the hive. Any idea what is going on?
  2. The last time I inspected a month ago things seemed good and decided to add the super because they had built out the frames. Now it appears that my colony is on the decline. I am going to try and feed them to help boost them up. Should I remove the super? They haven’t added any honey yet, just have been building the comb.

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:flushed::grimacing: oh no! I hope someone can help shed some light on what’s happening. Wonder if they swarmed or something? I’m sure someone will help you deduce the issue. Best of luck to you and the colony. :raised_hands: will be reading along.

Many caps look sunken so I imagine there is something going on with the capped brood. The open cells look to be torn open more than spontaneously perforated. Much of the brood inside looks white.

But appears to be quite diffusely affected. Very few bees.

Are your bees from a hygienic line?

Done a matchstick test for roping on any of the perforated sunken cells?

Don’t see any mites on your pest tray but do you know your mite load?

Might want to call out your local inspector.

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I agree with @chau06 - issues of concern are:

  1. Spotty/patchy brood pattern
  2. Perforated brood caps
  3. Caps somewhat sunken, but not discolored

The possibilities are numerous, and the suggestion of a local inspector is excellent. I would say on my list to rule out would be (in no particular order):

  1. AFB or EFB
  2. Chalk brood
  3. Aging queen or queenlessness

Please let us know what you find :blush:

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Thanks everyone for your thoughts. We are in the PNW. I purchased the Nuc in April from a local beekeeper. The weather has had its ups and downs so not sure if that is contributing.

The queen is still in the hive and appears to be laying on other frames.

Some other thoughts… we have a lot of Rhododendron in the neighborhood. I have heard this are not good for bees so not sure if that could have impacted the brood. Also I found out a neighbor sprayed for mosquitos. Not sure if that impacted the bees.

Will try to get an inspector to come out and take a look.


Good luck and we’d love to hear how you go.

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