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Debbie Demolition bee removal


Removed this one from a house that is to be demolished after Cyclone Debbie that occurred here about 5 months ago. Wanted to share a tip I was given and that was to use a 50:50 sugar/water mixture in a spray bottle instead of smoke. Now not sure if this helped them not be so agro or they were just a timid swarm, but saw no trouble from them. Maybe they knew there time there was up😁


Falling onto your post due to the mention of TC Debbie I run an update comment in that as no fan of that “tip” I won’t allow the prejudice cloud
the advice following.

Any cutout/trapout relies on bees moving, that is the goal.
Even the quietest of colonys require motivation, or mechanical intervention (vaccuming). Smoke is your best bet in achieving a march. Some 'organic’
mixes applied may also assist in some situations. Sugarwater is not one of these. At best that product could be used to fix bees in place when handling a virilant (antsy) swarm.

That is a good looking colony you had there. I hope they worked well for you in relocation… cheers



It sounds like you didn’t want the bees to move much, thus your sugar water tip…

How has your cut-out gone? Are they happy in a new hive now?


Hey Faroe, didn’t work out. Low numbers plus a large number of ants at the site I moved them too. :slightly_frowning_face:


Sorry to hear that :frowning:
You might have to make some ant motes, e.g.