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Dimension Check flow frames


I had the luck to buy some (genuine) flow frames second hand (but never used). I am very shure they are genuine because of flow branding, so no copy.
But to me is seems they are bit shorter (because they have a fair amount of twists in the wire).

Could someone PM me the actual dimensions of the frame to me?
I want to make sure before I buy my boxes that these frames are ok.



Hi Koen,
These are the dimensions from the Flow Manual, it is not of the actual frame but the inside box dimensions, so as long as the main body of these frames is a little shorter the dimensions here (marked B) and the top of the frame is longer than the internal dimensions so it will rest on the lip of the hive body, you should be right.


Thanks for the quick reply Rodderick.
My dimensions are at the top a fair share bigger and at the bottom a fair share smaller… So a bit confused now :frowning:
I will PM you my dimensions…


That’s a fairly ambiguous diagram. How does this box accommodate a 19inch (482mm) Langstroth top bar?


Answering my own post. I just pulled a 10 frame flow box out of packaging and the reason that the measurement is short is that internal measurement doesn’t take into account the rebate at the end (12mm) and the other open end.

The top of the frame should be ~480mm long, with the body of the frame <465mm long.