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Disgusting - We need to stop this sort of thing happening -


This is the sort of intrusion Monsanto allows to happen


Mansanto cant be responsible for all evils in food production but this is an outrage. Who ever put the court up to this slipped by someone who knows nothing about gardening. Eradicate all weeds? That’s a joke! Wow, just wow that’s crazy!


Monsanto are not capable of doing every evil- but they sure seem to do as much as they possibly can. If you see how they litigate against farmers who do not use their modified soybeans- but who’s crops get cross contaminated with Monsanto GMO beans- you’ll have an understanding of how ruthless and evil they really are.

The mentality behind this weed eradication nonsense is very Monsanto like even if they are not directly behind it.


How idiotic thinking weeds can be eradicated! One mans flower is another mans weed.