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Evidence Monsanto lied



Saying Monsanto told the truth would be news… and an oxymoron… saying Monsanto lied is redundant…


The problem Michael is allowing public access to the extent of the lies that the EPA and US government are covering up and stopping the continuation of toxic practices perpetrated on Humanity. It will take dozens of decades to clean up the mess they are creating. The world seed banks are already needing the use seeds put aside for the future protection of global food stocks.
So Far nothing is being done to rectify these atrocities


Agreed on all counts.


Probably? Could be? Seriously? I’ll get my knickers in a knot if it actually IS. There is way too much in this world which is probably carcinogenic and could, perhaps … The EPA is as out of control as any. It may just be that the crazy decisions of the EPA makes headlines, but it does nothing to inspire trust in them, either. We should avoid chemicals because we love the notion of being as green as possible, not because of some maybe could be perhaps bogeyman. Probably and could be is not conclusive, and lieing is just plain stupid.