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Do bees sting/kill all creatures that may enter hive such as rodents or even lizards?


I have read that one might find a mummified rodent in their hive covered in propolis. I do have rodents where I am and wonder since I would totally freak out seeing this :slight_smile: How do you keep them from getting in? Then seeing cameleon lizards (probably spelled wrong) Are these creatures harmful to the hive?


Bee hive suppliers sell mouse guards.


As @Red_Hot_Chilipepper says, mouse guards are readily available. However, if you use any entrance reducer which reduces the gap to 9mm or less, a rodent is unlikely to be able to get through that. Also, most rodents won’t go into a hive until Fall temperatures hit in a temperate climate. As you are in a tropical climate, I think you are unlikely to have rodents in the hive anyway. :wink:


Hi Neuman, I know they kill cane toads.


Neu, I use a commercial mouse guard on mine … Keeps the critters out nicely. Here’s a pix or two … I was just adding mine.


I hadn’t secure it yet with the provided brackets n screws. Does the job no problem. I’ve seen several different one on supply sites. Working with my commercial beekeeper buddy I’ve seen some really damaged frames n hives ! It’s not pretty ! They chewed up a lot of great looking frames n destroyed the honeycomb.

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If you keep the height of the slot in the entrance block 7/8mm and no more ( but no less) you don’t need a mouse guard


Rodents are abundant. A little story to rid the islands of rodents the Mongoose was introduced to eat them. But the rodents are out at night and the Mongoose during the day so now they feed on the birds and are Enemy Number One. Tropical fruit rats love, coconut rats love. Yep pretty much rat and mouse heaven. :slight_smile: I will work on this for sure. Thanks for the information.


I also was thinking hardware cloth. Wonder if the metal gets hot and if that would bother the bees?


Standard mouse guards won’t work on the landing board provided in a Flow kit as it slants right up to the entrance gap at the brood box. I can’t recall & am too lazy to go out & measure the entrance on mine but I believe it might be slim enough to prevent mouse skulls from wedging in. Not sure about lizards though!!


Mine is 9.5mm at the narrowest part - too big for comfort.