What mouse guard do you guys use?

Wondering what you guys use as a mouse guard. I had a problem with mice last fall and would not like a repeat!

I don’t know about in your neck of the woods but there is a hive entrance gate that shuts off some of the hive entrance into inverted U shapes that are small enough for the bees to pass through but will stop a mouse, or in our case sugar cane toads, your local bee supplier might have them, they sell for about $6 in Australia, so are cheap for what they do.

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Hi Peter,

I use this style that’s available thru my local Beekeeping supplier here in Washington State. They act as a reducer too n can be flipped n used to block the entire entrance if needed. That’s handy when I occasionally move my hives between my daughters place n mine. We live about 15 miles apart so handy alternate apiary to move a split or local swarm too.



That’s the one I was talking about Gerald. A picture is worth a thousand words, Thank for the help.


Do you have a link to this entrance reducer?


Not sure where my local beekeeper suppliers source is. I buy mine at Bees in the Burbs out in Maple Valley, Wa. All my 10 hives are equipments with this metal device (especially during winter) to keep mice n other damaging rodents out !

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They would be stocked by any bee keeping store, easy to fit and very effective. An essential piece of kit if you ever have a rodent issue.