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Do you have Dark Hair?


Many of us do, I do. I have very dark hair, afterall I’m Italian. I know there are blond Italians and redheads but I think the majority of Italians are dark haired. So, without further ado let me offer up a simple remedy. This comes as I notice many people with new beesuits on and posing in photos posted in the forum. My assumption is that all are fairly new to beekeeping, maybe even brandnew. When you don your bee suit be sure to wear a ballcap or some such covering inside on your head as the bees are very smart at noticing a bare head in a suit and if you have the common zipper veil attached to your suit the top of your head will at one point or another touch the top of suit and a bee is quick to plant a stinger right through into your head. I always wear a ball cap which is usually tan or white. Black as a color for bees is an agressive color(me thinks bears is the cause). Anyway I wear the cap and have avoided many a sting to the top of my head, but one time I did wear a black cap in my suit and it seemed I got buzzed more often than usual. However when I’m in my hives and bending over I invariably let me chin touch my veil and 9 out of 10 time I get stung on my chin. This happened the other day to me and since I wasn’t paying much attention to my face touching the veil, a bee reminded me, gently though it was. Anyway I hope my hint will keep someone from getting stung on their noggin.


I was taught to wear a baseball cap as you say - but to keep the Veil from touching your face, chin, nose etc. When I look at my bees without a suit on - almost daily they always go for my hair - yes I’m brunette.

I once found a bee got in my hair thought I go rid of it, went to watch TV with Junior and 20 mins later heard buzzing - the little bugger was still in my hair, when I tied it up she must have got caught - she didn’t sting me I just shook her out the door


I have been able to go up to my hives without a suit on an work around the hives, stop and watch them awhile all the while being very close and haven’t got stung but the minute I plan on opening uo a box, then I get my suit on. Mostly they seem very docile except when I take honey. That what I was doing this last time I got stung.


This is interesting to read. I am a newbee. Have a hive in my vegie garden. I am a long haired brunette. Never wear a cap. (was never told to). Every day I sit on one side only 2 feet away of my hive entrance while I have my morning cuppa, and they just ignore me and do their thing. I love watching them at the entrance, communicating, dumping stuff out. Gate keepers making sure the girls are doing their job upon entry. Gosh I even pock my head right near the entrance about a feet away and my pony tail would hang down right near them. Holy moly glad I have docile bees. But glad I read this, feeling a bit silly and stupid. Imagine if they finally noticed me and I am doing my morning ritual and they go for my crazy big bees nest of hair. …lol