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Ebay beekeeping equipment

I have ordered my flow hive and need to obtain a smoker. Hive tool. Suit/veil or veil. I plan for one hive but this may turn into 2 at some point. I do have bee keeping supply shops nearby however im wondering if there are opinions on ebay(aust) equipment from those who have actually purchased these items.

Honestly for a few bucks I’ll support a local business.


I agree with Kev, many of the beekeeping stores are just scraping by and if yourr lucky some free tips on Beekeeping. You never know who might be in the store, I have learnt so much from other beekeepers while waiting for service.


…and lots of local honeys too sample/purchase, last time I was able to try some just harvested honey collected from Gov. House (Melbourne) before it was bottled & returned. 8 different honeys from all over Melbourne, every one unique & so full of flavour NOTHING like big brand supermarket ‘honey’

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Out here in Western Washington I totally support LOCAL … The BIG BOYs don’t need the help or support. Go Local for sure. You’ll have a bonding n resource that the big box internet can’t fill ! :honeybee::+1:. Gerald

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We’ve used Simon The Beekeeper (UK) for several supplies including smoker, hive tool, complete suit with hood, a half suit and a queen marker. Good quality at reasonable prices compared to many we’ve seen advertised.

Where abouts are you in Australia?

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I’m not in Aus. I’m in the UK

The comment was directed at @copashark who appears to be from Australia.

Hi. Im 70 kms north of Sydney. (Central coast nsw)

I now get nearly all my stuff from Eric at http://www.betterbeehives.com.au in Canberra, he has a lot of stock not on his site including suits etc., so worth calling (mention rbk if you call him), have bought multiple hives, queens, nucs, suits, smokers, hive tools etc. from him.

Also bought a honey press and extracting equipment from Bec’s bee hive in Melbourne https://www.becsbeehive.com.au

When I was in QLD I bought a fair bit of stuff off Rod at http://honeybee.com.au including woodware, bottling equipment, foundation etc.

You can chance it on eBay, but I would definitely recommended supporting people who support the hobby (lifestyle?) and are willing to put their name against the quality of the products they sell.

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