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Looking to purchase a Flow Hive, Sydney

If you’re looking to sell one to a new home, please let me know!
I’d love to talk more.

Welcome to the forum where you will find heaps of info and people very willing to give you good advice.
Don’t take this personally, it is just that you need to know a lot about bee keeping and caring for a hive before toy take it on. Foe example you are wanting to buy a working Flow Hive, but it seems you don’t know that there are two different sizes or that they are made from two different timbers, so there are 4 different flow hive models.
As a bee keeper you are taking on a responsibility for the care of livestock and so I would advise you at least become a member of a local bee group and get some knowledge and hands on experience.
You should know the basics before you take on a hive and have the job of caring for them.
Cheers, Peter

Hi Evenstar22, I have a new fully assembled cedar Flow Hive, but I am in Melbourne. Is that a possibility for you?

Which part of Sydney are you in @Evenstar22, I may be able to assist in pointing you at a nearby club. I see for sale posts of hives come up from time to time.

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Hi Helmut, Is your Flow Hive still available? I’m in Melbourne as well, happy to arrange for a pick up. :slight_smile:
Kind regards,

Hi Shai,

I was sure that I had replied to you quite a while ago, but I just noticed that there is no record of it, so I apologize. At the time I thought i had replied the beehive was still available but I sold it about a month ago. So sorry!


Hi @Evenstar22,

I have a flow hive that I want to sell. it was used for 1 season and extracted once only. let me know if you are still looking and i will send you pictures and tell you more.


Hey @edmondo , is this still for sale? I might be interested.