Any recommendations for a beekeeping bundle?

A family member looking to get into beekeeping recently asked me about buying tools in a bundle. I looked around for a bit, and there seem to be tons of bundles available on Amazon, and they all seem to be a lot cheaper than buying the tools individually. Has anyone tried one of these bundles? Any recommendations?

Looking for the basics, a smoker, hive tool, queen catcher, maybe some gloves.


One would think that a person capable of producing localised and hive construction-specific apiary level journals could produce a recommendation on a tool bundle as well. No? :wink:

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Hi I have the bundles available are you still interested? Kindly send me an email on :
Best wishes

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I bought all my equipment piecemeal over time, probably paying a bit too much for it, at least compared to some of these bundles I’m seeing. My uncle is looking for a good starter kit and I’m sure they aren’t all great quality but I haven’t tried any. :slight_smile:

Those bundles are cheap for a reason and include something not particularly useful, that otherwise would be hard to sell. However, they could be nice to try and see what one actually needs, throw away and order a better-quality tool.

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Yeah seems like most include a lot of tools that I personally never use.

As @ABB implies, I would rather buy a selection of quality, useful tools from a reputable supplier. Otherwise you end up with low quality knockoffs. I like Mann Lake - if you buy enough, the shipping is free, and the quality is usually excellent.

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Thank you all for the feedback, I talked it over with my uncle and he ended up getting this bundle Looks like decent quality and comes with a magnet for attaching your hive tool to your pocket which might be nifty.

Also looks like it doesn’t include a lot of the random cheapo tools that a lot of bundles seem to have but that aren’t useful to a beginner.

Yep that’s how I buy my tools, usually after leafing through the catalog and finding new things I want to try out :slight_smile:

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