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'Eden at Byron' Flow Harvest with Cedar Anderson 1 April 2017, Byron Bay, NSW, Australia

There’s a Buzz in the Garden of Eden

Live Flow Hive Honey Harvest with Cedar Anderson
9.30am - 12noon Saturday 1 April 2017
Eden Nursery, 140 Bangalow Road, Byron Bay, map.

Eden Nursery in Byron Bay are our only local retail business with a buzzing Flow Hive display and now the first honey is ready to be harvested and we’d love to invite you along.

Eden at Byron will be having an open day for everyone to come and be part of the celebration. Flow Hive co-inventor, Cedar Anderson will be there for the live honey harvest and to answer any questions you may have.

The harvest will take place on the 1st April at 9.30am in amongst the nursery. The whole day will be devoted to bees, and not just honey bees, but all bees, including Australian native ones. There will be plenty of bee-loving people on hand, giving talks on looking after bees, planting bee-friendly gardens, Flow honey tasting, as well as bee-safe gardening products.

It’s well-known that bees are essential for pollination of many plant species, including fruit, vegetable and nut crops, and their survival is threatened. Each and every one of us has a responsibility to learn what we can do to help these little workers survive and thrive.

There will be raffles and giveaways, as well as fun activities for the kids. Eden has chosen Suffolk Park Dune Care to donate any funds raised on the day. Did you know that Flow Hives are available for purchase at Eden and if you purchase on the day you will receive a free Flow Beekeeping Smoker.
Fun activities for the kids running all day, including seed planting, colouring in, and a treasure hunt.

9.30 Cedar Anderson – Flow Hive Harvest
10.30 Maree Curran and Ally Young- Looking After Bees in the Garden
11.00 Alison Drover- Inspiration and Wisdom in the Kitchen
11.30 Desmond Boorman- Sustainable Gardening Practices
12.00 Dave Gourlay- Soil Health

For further information contact: Eden at Byron - http://www.edenatbyron.com.au/join-us-first-flow-hive-harvest-1-april-2017/

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