Spring Honey Harvest

Spring has Sprung here in the Northern rivers, NSW Australia and here’s a celebratory harvest to show for it!

Something glitched this week and we don’t have the full transcript available at the moment, apologies - but below please find the timeline’s topics covered, and email us at info@honeyflow.com if you’d like the transcript and we can get onto that for you.

00:00 - Honey harvest
04:13 - Pest management + harvesting questions
08:04 - Winter prep + flooded hive
11:47 - Heart Gardening Project
22:05 - Cell size + rotate brood frames
28:59 - Bee flight speed + requeening
34:53 - Feeding bees syrup

What changes have you noticed in your local area and hive the past few weeks as the season turns? How is your honey flow and forage haul?