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TWO Live honey harvests - at Seed & Sprout and from one of our office hives

Hey beekeepers,

We’ve been busy bees keeping up with the Australian beekeeping season and I haven’t yet posted last week’s Live Q & A with Cedar - so this week you get two :slight_smile:

Both include a live honey harvest, one at the premises of a great little local business called Seed & Sprout, and the other from one of our office hives (we have about 25-30 hives here at HQ - great for staff training… and they keep the office kitchen well supplied with honey too :slight_smile: )

At this time of year the bees refill the frames quickly after harvesting so there are plenty of opportunities to harvest where we are at the moment.

Please feel free to post any harvesting questions below for the Flow team or forum community to help you out with.

And do let us know if you have a favourite honey recipe to share…

Happy honey eating :slight_smile:

Seed & Sprout Honey Harvest Live recording

and transcript

Flow HQ Honey Harvest Live Recording

and transcript

Cedar gave some excellent replies in the Seed & Sprout video, (I haven’t watched the other one yet) especially saying that you shouldn’t set & forget. It’s also interesting to learn that a queen has a barbless stinger.

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