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Exercising flow frames


Not sure if this is been asked before I read through several post and did some search

Before installing the flow frames, should we exercise the mechanics of them? I.e. should we put the key in an open them up and then put the key in and close them? Reading number of post where it’s very difficult for people to open up the flow frame and allow the honey to start flowing, did not know if exercising the frame would be of benefit? Or I guess the bigger question I have is am I doing damage?


Seems wise Marty, but only before it has been put on the hive. I recall Cedar recommended you do this to be sure all the cells are aligned properly. I keyed all of my frames open then closed them before putting on the hive.


Have you been able to harvest any honey yet? If so did you have issues opening up the flow frames?

Likely a language barrier/slang, :slight_smile:did not understand “but only before it has been put on the hive” Are you saying do this before putting the frames in the boxes? If so why? Is it so that the bees are not moving on top of a moving platform i.e. frames opening and closing?

any suggestion on how many “open and closings” should be done. just one open then closes or several?


Do it until you are bored with watching this new marvel of agricultural engineering! :sunglasses:


I just saw this, it was shard on another post. wondering if there are other videos like this that you have to have the link to see it for it does not appear on the YouTube channel or the flow-hive page


Wow ! I’d heard about this wire adjustment procedure but not seen the video yet. It’s great to see all theses vids n questions before it is needed. Kind of like my job of working on home heating. It’s good to know “what’s, why’s n when’s” ahead if possible. And yah … When mine get here next Spring 2017 I’ll know what to check for n do before I have to actually use them. Cool vid ! Gerald.




yes, I understand that we are to set make sure the frame is closed. What I mean by exercising it is open and close it several time to make sure it all moves well?

sorry I just asked a friend about the word Exercising something and he thought to be clearer I should say test opening and closing it? and if yes how many times. One guy said :slight_smile: untill I get tierd. I know he was kiding well I think he was :slight_smile:


Hey Marty, I did a demo at my bee club a little while back and then handed the frame around for everyone to have a go. It made no difference in the end, it felt the same as when it was opened closed the first time. It’s the plastic segments rubbing together. Hope that helps.


yes, Thank YOU :slight_smile: for the reply, Nice to know