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Extender Patty Recipe for Mites


I am curious what the pros might think of this Extender Patty recipe to ward off mites. Is it useful? Anyone ever try this???



Hello Greekbecky
I have used many times a patty that has banana and sugar as a base, wrapped in paper absorbent towels. Placed on top of my frames, lid on. The bees will eat the mix and remove the paper, as they do this they are in effect cleaning out the hive completely, giving it a ‘spring clean’ you could say, the paper will start appearing on the ground around your hive in tiny bits., to indicate this process is working. In theory your hive is cleaned of all rubbish and gives the bees a feed.


Hey Orangelane,
Banana and sugar, sounds interesting. I am going to have to give that a try!
Thanks… :tangerine:


Hi Greekbecky,
I’ve also added some vit B powder as a supplement ( just a tiny amount)

from time to time, they love the banana and great to see the paper trail around the hive after a few days and weeks, they clean out everything! Please let me know how it works for you!


OMgoodness, what a yard! Are those all citrus trees down there? Are you in Florida? I have four citrus trees here in upstate, NY and its the first year that I’ve not had a single fruit. Ok, back to the banana patties. When do your feed them? I cannot wait to try this.


Actually have a few limes and Lemons mainly Cherries, it’s a temperate climate, only 15mins from the CBD multi-storey offices. Hard to believe we are that close to the city and beaches!
The patties can be given anytime, it’s food for them and they love it! I think the onset of cool days are the best as in warmer months they can find plenty of pollen.
Also yesterday, have now fitted some polystyrene sheets to the outside of my hive and immediately noticed they were very happy and warm! Must try!