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Extras For hive


What else am I going to need once I get my bee suit and my flow hive? Other than the bees?


If you have the full flow hive, and you got the bee suit through us which includes gloves and hive tool. All you will need are some bricks or any other fancy stand you might like to create ( Beehive Stands - Are they necessary? ) and a smoker for when you open the hive or check the brood box.
There are a lot of other little bits and pieces you may need to get over time, hive beetle traps, electric fence to keep bears out :smile: lots of jars to collect your honey… A lot depends where you live and what pests are about. Connecting with a local club will help with local knowledge.


and take a look at the following article in the Beekeeping Basics section of the Forum


The local Bee clubs will lend kit as well. They do here. It may be worthwhile holding off buying some things until you get to try various versions or see pros and cons of various bits before you buy.

That way you can buy the best fit for your needs - this is where experience and expertise comes in very handy.


Bee clubs are great for extraction equipment, honey press, storage containers, frame assembly jigs, sieves and filters and even some have workshops for hive construction. No harm in waiting to see what your club can offer and save you a few bucks (or pounds)


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