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Flow Hive Spares


Hi all,
Just ordered two full Flow Hives and will join my local Beekeeping Ass here in France but need to know besides suit and tools what Beehive spares should I have ready to use.


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Hi DextersShed,
Is there anything more for the hives, extra bits. I don’t want to be caught out to late. Thanks.


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Thank you DextersShed.


Hive tool
Gentle attitude


Liquid Benadryl. Keep it handy incase of the adverse honey bee sting reaction. I keep Epi-Pens handy too. I’ve only ever had one systemic honey bee reaction. ER gave me Benadryl and Prednisone…


lavender oil…
I keep my bees in lavender for the medicinal benefits. When I have a sting, I rub a bit of lavender oil on and it stops pain, and reduces the inflammation. Before trying lavender oil, I used to have considerable swelling.


The Benadryl and Epi’s were if the sting went systemic (full body). The lavender will make you smell good to the paramedics lol.


It is my understanding the frames in the brood box are bare so that you can use the wax cone filler or wire…I need to research further to know what I need for next March…


I would order some plastic Rite-cell worker foundation and install into the brood frames.


I would use the wax starter strips and let the bees setup house keeping to their own preferences, but the great thing about bees is they will pretty much go whatever way you do! No wrong answers here ; -)


I meant to come back and thank you all for your replies but didn’t, I do apologise. Thank you all.