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How do I find Cedar's Facebook Live streams?

I got an email yesterday notifying of today’s live stream on FB at 10am. I tried to find the stream for 20 minutes and gave up. All I got was the Flowhive FB page as normal, no info on a live stream.

I’ve had no trouble with Youtube live streams but this FB one has me foxed.

Is there something I’ve missed?

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I bet @Freebee2 knows the answer! :wink:

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Thanks Dawn, and Hi Kim!
Yes the FaceBook live segment - while it is still live - just appears in the newsfeed of our FaceBook page. We are live at around 10:30 am AEST on Wednesdays. Note that if you are in the states it is at some outrageous hour of the morning - but if you’re a night owl it might work for you. Please let me know if you have further any trouble finding us.
Here is the link to the Hilary Kearney one - I think that is the one you were hoping to join, but let me know if it was a different one and I’ll send you the link to any you’re keen to check out. Thanks for your interest and sorry it didn’t work out to join us this week.


Hi Freebee2,

thanks for the reply, but that wasn’t working for me. I hit the link in the email, FB opened up on the FlowHive page, there was the normal look about it with panels with pics and one panel notifying about Hilary’s live stream. But there was no live stream showing.

I did a web search and found info that pointed to a red LiveStream button that should appear, but it was nowhere to be found yesterday. I’ve just gone back to the email and hit the link again and I get the same page today as I got yesterday. Once more, no sign of the live stream.

Thanks for the link to the show - that one did work for me. I appreciate it.

I’ve seen some live streams on YouTube and hopefully they all turn up there. Wednesday morning for me is normally a cycling day but this week’s rain (I’m at Lake Macquarie near Newcastle) meant I was stuck inside.

Thanks again,

Hi @KimM that’s puzzling - I’m so sorry. Could it be due to the time difference I wonder? Whereabouts are you? At least you can catch up with the recordings, but it’s great to be there live and to be able to ask questions…

Hi Freebee2,

I was able to watch the episode on the link you gave me but the resolution was very bad. FB mushes the resolution down on photos (my photography group’s stuff often suffers) but what they did to this video reached a new low.

I see that the episode is now up on Youtube and the resolution there is good. I think I’ll stick to YT in the future as I don’t have resolution problems there, even with live streams.

I’m in the same time zone, at Lake Macquarie just below Newcastle.

hi Kim, Could you post the link to the YouTube here as I hit the same problems as you did when I tried to watch it live.
Have you had any contact from others at Lake Macquarie or around the Newcastle area?
Cheers, Peter

This is the link. It was in the email that I imagine came to everybody on their list.

I’ve made contact with the Hunter Valley Beekeepers Assoc. They seem to be an active group and have beginner days and mentor program etc.


Thanks for the tip @KimM - I’ll pass that feedback on too.