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Feed Installed Package Immediately?

First timer here.

Should I put the top feeder on almost immediately after installing a package, or let the package “settle” for 1-3 days to minimize the possibility of absconding?

Packages are very short of supplies, if you mean a package rather than a nucleus. I would therefore feed them right away. If you want to minimize absconding, dipping a Q-tip cotton swab in some lemongrass oil, and leaving that in the hive can help quite a bit - even Michael Bush thinks so. Does that make sense? :smile:

This does make sense.

If there is no food in the pantry then one must provide a pantry for a while for them. When the number build up you may lessen the amount in the pantry and then latter completely. But they need to be feed, that makes me want to go and raid my pantry talking food makes me hungry. Help them along either in hive feed 1 qt feeder with ladders , add empty deep hive body-box and place inner cover lid with a tanker on top of lid with fitted block to allow feeding cap with holes for feeding into hive while closing off the remaining opening or an install entrance door feeder. But never a open bowl or pan with sugar syrup out or near the hive. Set up an evasion of robber bees. Soo deep, deep super lid empty deep no frames with tank fedder.