Feeder advice request

New to bees and trying to decide on a feeder. I’ve already ruled out an entry feeder. What fo you all recommend?

Hi Bruce,

I’ve always preferred top feeders. These are the kind I use. Holds plenty so you’re not having to open up the hive too often.


Personally, I think the buckets with the screen tutuapp are probably the best.
Pros: cheap, won’t drown bees, holds a lot of syrup, usable inside or outside the hive (though outside needs a hole in the cover, which requires a slightly different setup).
Cons: you have to take the bucket off to fill it, unlike some of those pan-style feeders. It requires a full deep if you want to use it inside the hive, where some of the others can use mediums or act as their own box.

To your specific feeder; personally, I wouldn’t buy it for myself, it’s expensive for what is basically a wooden box that holds syrup and I’ve never been a fan of the “floating slat” style of feeders.

Or if you want something which works well and is cheap, though requires refilling more often, just get/make a Boardman cap and place the jar over the inner cover hole inside the hive. Works really well for a buck, but you need to refill it pretty often.

Hi Bruce. I just went through figuring out a good feeder that wouldn’t drown my bees. I saw this type highly recommended by Frederick Dunn and a few other experienced beekeepers. I got 2 of them on Amazon and they’ve worked out very well. Hope it’s okay to post links in this forum. If not, please let me know and I’ll delete it.

If it helps with a beekeeping problem, it is fine. Don’t worry! :wink:

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