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My Beemax hive top feeder


Just incase you haven’t seen one yet. i really like these feeders. I have an 8 frame different style one that fits the Flow hive great and they don’t drown in there either…



Thanks for introducing that feeder. Where did you secure/buy it from.?? Looks like a neat top-feeder… Here’s mine:

I have to styles n yes … Do loss a bee or so once in awhile.

Wow! Looks like your vegetation is changing n autumn in the air there in Alaska ! Our large leaf maples, cottonwood n few others are flagging fall colors here in Western Washington also. Sun is rising later n setting earlier for sure !! (About 3 to 4 minute change per day now.).

Thankz for the share bro,
Gerald SE of Seattle in the foothills



Here’s where you can get them. They have them for wood hives or beemax hives.


I notice a lot less drowning with the Brushy Mountain feeder that Gerald shows. You can get them here: http://www.brushymountainbeefarm.com/Feeders/products/113/


I had like 0-3 drown out of 2 feedings of gallons



I too have this feeder and have found it very easy to use. I have been searching everywhere for an answer to a ventilation question I have regarding the use of this feeder and have not found anything decisive. Do you have any ventilation issues when using this feeder? I use a SBB and am concerned that I might not be providing enough ventilation for my bees. It has been suggested that I bore a hole in my top brood box, but I am really unsure if this is the right way to go. I live in Maine and this is my first year beekeeping. I would appreciate any advice you could give.