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Feeding bees sugar water in flow hive

I found it very easy to feed the bees sugar water in there nuc because it for under the lid on a mat. But when using the flow hive. I can’t fit my sugar water optop of frames because the lid squashes it. Any ideas.

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Hi, small jars or feeders may fit under the Flow Hive gabled roof. Larger feeders may need more space, which can be gained by using a spare bee box on top of the inner cover. You may find this FAQ helpful:


You need an eke, or even two. You can either buy then in any bee store (langstroth eke) or easily make them yourself from four pieces of wood.
Ekes are very handy pieces of equipment. Above the crownboard they give space for liquid feeders, below the crownboard they give space for fondant or medication (eg thymol for varroa).

When did you get the nuc and how many frames was it?

How many frames of honey did they have when you transferred them and are the bees foraging?

Are you using foundation in your frames?

@eweyfam this is how I feed my girls. It’s fits under the roof with no issues. 1 gallon bucket with a screen lid.

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As Dylan shows in his excellent pic. Use your super box on top of the crown board.

Don’t add your glow frames until all brood frames are fully drawn out you’ll regret it if you do :+1:

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