Does anyone use an eke?

Hi can someone help please? My bees are drowning in the sugar syrup feeder. I’m not sure if someone at the apiary is knocking my Flow hive causing the roof to displace the feeder lid - but this is very distressing.

Any chance of a photo of your setup? Without that, I find it hard to think about whether an eke would work. In case it helps, here are a couple of photos of how I feed my bees with a bucket feeder.


I’m going over to top up the feeder this evening so I can take photos then. Basically I have a round plastic feeder on top of the brood box with the Flow Hive roof on top of that. There is not a lot of clearance so I think if the roof gets knocked it’s pushing the feeder top askew which means the bees are getting into the syrup.

Sounds like either an eke or an empty box would solve it then. As you can see from my photo, I just used the Flow super. It sounds like you have a rapid feeder, so the super would be deeper than needed, but it should still be fine.