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Filtering my Honey?


So after too long have finally managed to get bucket of honey but seem to have a lot of wax and pollen in it. Next time will clean the flow hive tube better before extracting. This should help.

We have a few Marri trees, which like everywhere in WA, have flowered prolifically this year.

Should I look at filtering with pantyhose (or similar ) before bottling it?
Or should I cover it and let it sit for a few days?


Maybe just a one of.
Our honey (first ) poured straight into our containers and I could not see any impurities at all. Filtering just add another complexity but I can understand if you have stuff floating about, wanting to filter.


Same as Busso, no filtering required. I did a standard extraction with a spinner and just let the honey settle then scooped the wax and bead bees after a week and it had all settled then fed it back to the bees.
There are double strainers you can buy, I’ve heard paint filters, paper towels and as you mention stockings.


I believe @Dee has said that she is able to get a premium price for honey with bits of wax and bee legs in it, so maybe you don’t need to worry! :smile:


Only if the pantyhose fits.:wink:


U can buy double strainers on fleabay cheap

JMHo but if u leave a little wax in the honey, seems to make it taste more ‘creamy’ ive found, it doesnt bother me with lil floaties but will certainly not impress other folk, up to you

i double filter stuff i sell and or give away though


Our flow honey is very clean looking - with no need to filter. I did some traditional spinning with frames from the same hives and the resultant strained honey was less clear- with some traces of wax- which has a nice mouthfeel.

Having said that- I have been considering flushing my extraction tube/trough with warm water prior to harvesting next time just t wash out any old honey and wax residue from the trough.


Who buys honey with bee parts in them? My personal choice is honey without bits


People who like to see proof that it is unfiltered? :blush: