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Filtering Honey


How do people filter dirty honey with debris.


I just run mine through a couple of layers of flywire but I don’t show it or sell it.



Depends on how much honey. I used to do traditional extraction (uncapping knife and spin). In that case we may have had 50kg of honey with wax bits in it, and we would strain it from the centrifuge into a large tank with a pair of fine mesh ladies tights (new and unworn!) acting as a strainer in the top of the tank. Just knot the legs and stretch the tights over the tank.

You can also buy stainless steel honey strainers on eBay, if you are too embarrassed to buy the tights. :smiling_imp: They are pretty cheap - around $20.

My first batch of Flow honey didn’t need straining. However this year, I emptied some frames which had an uncapped arc in them. There was a lot more wax in the honey for some reason. As I only had about 5kg, I used a fine mesh kitchen strainer, pouring it from one 2 liter jar slowly into another. It took about an hour to strain it all. Not difficult, just took time as I was using a 10cm diameter strainer to fit the jar neck.


I don’t filter honey taken from the flow frames. Yes, I get the occasional piece of detritus but it’s practically non-existent. I do advise people that accept my donated honey they might find the odd bee leg, bit of wax etc as it is straight from the hive and unfiltered. 99.9% of people are happy with that.

The above being said if I let the honey sit in the bucket for a couple of days I usually get a few bits settle on top that I just scoop out with a spoon, so I always take a quick look before opening the gate to a fill a jar.


Not difficult, just took time as I was using a 10cm diameter strainer to fit the jar neck.

That’s a big jar mouth!


Two litre jars have big mouths. :blush:


I am like the others that have commented. The honey from my flow frames I have not had to filter. The frames that I uncapped and emptied with an extractor I had it flow out into the metal sieve and into a 5 gallon bucket.


You can buy the right thing, a pair of strainers of 2 mesh sizes, on EBay or your local bee gear supplier for about $20. I use that to filter all of my honey to have a better looking and more saleable product. The little bit of extra time taken is worth the effort.