Finally, a Honey Flow :)

I’m showing off some of my choice frames of honey. The honey flow has been a while coming.

I’m also showing a freshly drawn frame that would be perfect to put back into the brood box.


Fantastic Jeff and Wilma what a wonderful sight!! Do you two ever stop!
We gust need some warm weather down here so some capping can happen!
All the best S

Hi Sue, thank you:). I could be racing down to a service station right now. A bloke rang me in a panic, a truck loaded with bees pulled in for fuel before daylight. A lot of bees must have went for the lights, leaving the service station attendant in a panic, not knowing what to do about all these bees looking for their homes. I put him on to someone else a bit closer.

That kind of answers your question about ever stopping… I already had my day planned, I’m planting strawberries & making bread. Also processing some bees wax.

Enjoy your day, I too used to make bread, but then developed an allergy!!! I do miss it, Nothing like sough dough coming out of the oven.

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Wow Jeff- that’s some nice frames! 300 kgs!

Let’s hope the flow continues. Your talk about the issue of fresh drawn comb blowing out was interesting for me- I grabbed that cheap 2 frame spinner and we spun out 4 combs- 3 of them were fresh drawn and they all blew out- split-etc. we ended cutting the comb out and making some very fine wax. One thing I noticed when we cut out the wax- the wires were quite loose- but were reasonably tight when the frames were made- is that normal for the to slacken a lot?

I thought the frames split mostly because we spun them too fast- and because the baskets in the spinner don’t have any support on the frame faces at all- but now I realize it was probably also because they were very fresh drawn combs…

I plan to add two cake racks to the baskets in my spinner to support the frames better- as is there is nothing to stop the frame from bowing in the middle. Does your spinner have any basket type thing that supports the frame faces?

Watching you slice those capping off so neatly is impressive- you should have seen my efforts- hacking away.

On that note: you’re a master with the hot knife- but some people find it heavy going- and dealing with cappings a lot of work. At our last bee society meeting a lady demonstrated her new uncapper- it’s called a honey paw. With it you hardly need to process any cappings at all- as it hardly removed any wax. The bees get more wax back on the frame and have no issue re-working the frames. It’s pricey but she loved it- she says it was her new favorite thing:

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Amazing coverage on all the frames, especially in that second box. Great work Jeff, a testament to your methods. :beers:


Ineresting tool. Do you think a multi bladed knife would do the same thing? Wondering what the pipe work was for? I would have thought also that hanging the frames upside down would have been a better drain method or would the frames then been put into a spinner?

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The pipes were for steam- and the frames for normal spinning


I’m so amaze n on awe !!! Even back in the 1950’s n 60’s I never saw anything like what you showed in the flix ! Thankz for sharing.

We get a few small flows n one big blackberry flow. I will be so happy to get couple gallons this second per hive at most. I’d be most happy … I was listening to what did to help get that harvest … Great points !

Thankz again. Wish your home was close enough so I could just pop in n glean tid bits from time to time. Your comments n vids will have to DO ! :wink::+1::exclamation:

Have a great weekend bro !

P.S. Been busy building n painting new Nuc boxes all Thursday n Fruday up here I want to winter over my own Nucs again this next Winter … Hate waiting 6 to 8 weeks for bees when everything is hopping/blooming. Here’s some pix’s of my project.

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Thank you @RBK Sam, & @Gerald_Nickel & @skeggley. & @Semaphore. Jack, we finished up with 275 kilos. I think sometimes the wires loosen slightly, but not dramatically. I’m sure the cake racks will be a huge improvement. Someone showed me a photo of a cheap 2 frame spinner today. It appears to have a nice rack to support the frames. $185.00 delivered. He also saw what he reckons is the exact same item for over $500.00. I noticed the same type of price variations for the exact same item while looking online for a cane press.

The latest round of Chinese extractors should be pretty easy to spot, they all appear to be using the same assembly for the gearbox/handle.

-edit- look something like this


Yah ! Cheap look a likes are no deal if it’s Junk :exclamation:️ I’m guess the bearing are poor quality as well as the gears. Probably inexpensive cast or even worse nylon/plastic that will ware quickly or jam. There are all types of stainless grades n thinnesses as well so bolts of the this spinner might not seal or ware n pull thru.

This coming harvest (our northern Autumn 2017 I will be using two flow-supers (a 6 n a 7 frame). Our bee n equipment supplier will extract for me for a nominal fee also. But a decapping fork n large stainless pan works okay too (just a bit slow) …

Well chat again another time. The morning clock is ticking away here. I’ve got to get out of here …

Cheers bro,

Try from a place like this

Better products if you read the reviews

I like that one, it looks good.

Ok- today was the second time I tried out my super cheap spinner- and success- this time all 4 combs came out well- no splitting- and they went straight back into the hive. Two of the combs were virgin wax foundationless - very fragile:


Hi Jack, wow that’s a great result from those two beautiful frames. I’m hoping to see some frames like that myself tomorrow. I’ve been busy the last two weeks, swapping the tray on my truck over. It was no mean feat. Rust was getting into the chassis, the steel tray was rusting away. The tray in my yard was alloy with rusting steel bits. Anyway my chassis looks like brand new now with the alloy tray & all the steel bits fixed up to match the chassis.