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Finally Harvested some honey

Well, after three years we finally figured out most of the process. I have bought all of the equipment and so far we have harvested only the traditional frames and spun them out, bottles and actually sold a bunch locally to make some money to reinvest. Even made some chapstick from the wax. Here are a few pictures of the progress, we will be harvesting the flow frames today so more to come!


What a lovely post Sarge! Where are you guys located? Judging from the beautiful crepe myrtle I’d guess somewhere on the east coast or Midwest? Ours are in full bloom here in SE Pennsylvania.

Very excited for you to have your first Flow harvest too :raised_hands::cherry_blossom::honeybee:


Hi Eva,

Yes, we are in Greensboro NC. It has been pretty hot and I broke my leg so harvesting has been a bit of a challenge. We have chickens, ducks, goats, and the bees all sharing the Homestead. The crepe myrtles are in full bloom now. My yard is about 90% clover so that helped with the early part of the year.


A good harvest you have there. Maybe update your profile to say were you are, it makes it easier for us that aren’t living with you - especially if you have an issue with your bees, it will give us some idea about your climate which can play a major part of understanding what could be happening, just a thought,

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