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My First Harvest - What a joyful experience :) Photos/Vidz

Hey Everyone

Just wanted to share some photos & videos from this weekends harvest, my first go! All went well & now I have a big bucket 3/4 of delicious raw pure unadulterated honey to share with my friends & family.

It was a nice mild day, I started the harvest at 9AM, did 2 frames at a time, let the frames drain for 3 hours before moving onto the next 2. The bees werent very active, I think they were all staying inside where it was warm. A far cry from the day before where it got to 44 degrees C!

Draining the honey:

Bees chilling out:

Bees drinking up any leftover drips of honey:

Giving back what I can :slight_smile:

YUM hey?

30L bucket about 3/4 full


Great looking setup, Ryan - and congrats for a job well done! Nothing is sweeter than your own bees’ honey :heart_eyes::tulip::honeybee:

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Well done. The honey looks gorgeous.

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Wow fantastic! That should see you well supplied with honey for a while! :slight_smile:

I managed to get 33 500g squeeze bottles full. (well some fuller than others)


Amazing sight isn’t it?! Especially with the sun coming through them like that…

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Yes they do shine in all their glory in the sunlight! :slight_smile:

I now have another question, to our Aussie beekeepers I guess… I have a few people asking to buy some honey from me. Sooo, I dont really know how much its worth, what would you expect to pay for raw honey of this blend ( a mix of who knows what from who knows where! ) raw honey in a 500g squeeze bottle?

I sell 550ml jars of honey for $10. I full it to 700g. People haven’t complained about that price. They usually come back for more.

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