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First flow hive harvest @ jaguar landrover solihull uk

Well today was a fun day harvesting some honey for the very first time with one of our FlowHive 2s at Jaguar Landrover Solihull UK.

28lb of liquid gold :sunglasses:.

It’s been a tough year in the UK with a very wet Spring and Summer causing havoc with queens but finally some honey :honey_pot:.

I’ve a video of the harvest that I’ll share but here’s a few pictures.

Happy harvesting :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Congrats on you first harvest. After 6 years (living in Burbs) I’ve just been rewarded with my very first successful harvest here is Washington State. It’s amazing to see that amber gold stuff flowing out those tubes. Again , congrats! Gerald


Hey Gerald.

We chatted in the Facebook group earlier this morning (UK time).

Yeah was fun to harvest one of the flowhives at work. This was one installed last summer and only had the flow super on to get tge bees working the frames so getting a harvest this season was great for the project.

Enjoy your honey buddy, you’ve worked hard for that harvest.

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