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First harvest for me, in south of Sweden


Thanks Flow hive team, works perfect!
First harvest for me, about 2 kg of honey
Ramdala, sweden

Flow Hives keepers in Sweden

hello there,
always nice to see the bucket filling…

looking at your photo- it is hard to see evidence that the frame is capped with any wax? The honey looks thick enough: but are you sure it was ripe?


2.2 kg is what? About 4 pounds? It seems to that a frame would hold more honey than that. Was it a full frame? How about the other frames, got honey in them yet? Just curious because I would expect more weight than that, especially for what these things cost.



Congrats ! Mine Flow-Hive setup just arrived. I’ve got a large healthy NUC of bees to add but not sure I have enough nectar flow left in my summer to give me a harvest. I still want to make sure the “girls” have honey/food to get through out cool/damp winter ahead.

Again … Congrats !


Given the lack of visible cappings on any frames, the low amount harvested, the OP’s location on our planet (a relatively late spring) and the lack of a second brood chamber, Jörgen should really savor that honey.


It doesn’t look like the cells were ever capped? :confused:


Someone should stage an intervention… :expressionless:


@jorpet04 Jörgen , I understand that you are located near a lot of Canola (rapeseed), did you harvest quickly to avoid crystallization?
If so, I may have initially had the wrong impression and apologize.


Hi Bobby,
Thats right we got alot of rapeseed around me. Local beekeepers says that you should harvest your honey one week after the flowering is over , just to avoid crystallization.
No harm
Sorry for my poor english


well done…

make sure your frames are at least 90% capped if you can and you’ll get 3 Kilograms!!! :smile: