First Harvest Happy Owner

Since my last post when I first purchased my Flow Hive I was a bit sad that my first year the bees never used the flow system. My bees lived thru a rough winter here in Michigan USA and I was ecstatic!!! The folks in my bee club lost most of their hives. Needless to say they don’t laugh at me anymore for purchasing a Flow😅.

Year 2 the bees have indeed used the flow system and filled it in less than a week. I took 3 frames of honey today. Will take more in a couple days. Everything went flawlessly and I cannot wait to brag at my next bee meeting.

The wealth of information I have found in this group has been immeasurable and I’m proud of myself for not giving up from frustration.

Saving for a second flow for next season😀


Do you think that the Flow hive design was responsible for your colony surviving the winter? Are there any other factors besides the design of the hive that would account for the losses your fellow club members experienced?

Betcha that’s the difference, @JeffH - it certainly has been the case for me! It’s a good question though, what do you think Jeannette?
Good for you for sticking with it and a big Congrats on your success :raised_hands:


I think the Flow design helped greatly but I also wrapped it with insulation board which others did not do. They kinda laughed about that. Most used tar paper and everything I researched suggested foam board insulation :slightly_smiling_face:


I was thinking that good advice from yourself & @Dawn_SD , as well as @chau06 . Well done to Jeanette for taking notice of the advice, as well as researching the subject & not following the crowd.