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First harvest :) Perth - South West Escarpment - Mount Richon, Western Australia


We made our first harvest today, 14Kg out of five frames.

We only harvested 5 frames as the 10ltr bucket wasn’t big enough to fit all six frames :frowning:
Lesson learnt, get a bigger bucket :slight_smile:

The white flowering gums are just about finished, I’m hoping that there will be enough late flowering to get another harvest in before winter.

Fully Capped frame through side window

Six very full capped frames

The hive being harvested (view from our balcony)

The rewards being decanted*

All bottled up to be given away

*My lovely wife had handed out a few bottles to our neighbours before I took the photo’s, she couldn’t wait to share. Her small encouragement for them to plant bee-friendly gardens.


OMG I saw these pictures and went out back to give my girls a pep talk. It’s barely spring here with another cold snap coming. Congratulations on your harvest.