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Harvest day in Toodyay, Western Australia




That all looks wonderfull !!! Where are you from, Aussie I think , looks to hot and dry for any where else.
cheers S


I am from Toodyay about 2 hours from Perth.
The Marri trees are in flower also known as Red Gum.
Cheers, Colin.


how much did you get from the two flows ? 30+kg??


One hive has 6 frames and 3kilo per frame.
If full 18kgs . Yesterday must have been 95% full I got 17 kilo.
Cheers, Colin.


Hi Colin,

I thought you were excited and that’s why you wrote Toodyay, aka too-d-yay!

:slight_smile: Nice harvesting system, was this your first harvest with the Flow Hive system?:honeybee:


HI Faroe,
Yes this was my first full harvest but I have robbed a few frames from time to time.
I just need put a second brood box on and get enough bees to populate the green hive which is empty now.
Toodyay is a town about 2 hours from Perth.It is an Aboriginal word and means Place of Plenty.
We pronounce it 2J
Cheers, Colin


Did I say green hive. Yellow hive is the empty one lol


Hi Colin, putting how to pronounce the town’s name really helps :slight_smile: