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First month for new hive



I see no reason for feeding them at this time of year if it is a strong colony. Feeding a nuc is to help them produce wax as well as for food while the numbers build up. If they have some honey stores I would stop feeding them and do another check for stores in 2 weeks time.
I am going to the Tweed area on the 23rd Feb for hive checks and could have a look in on you at that time if you like. PM me, my fees are reasonable, black coffee,2 sugar and a Tim Tam…:grin:


Unfortunately I’m away in NZ on the 23rd (I get back later that day) :frowning_face:
I think for one side of a frame, they had not completely filled out the combs. They had started them all, but not to the full depth.
A couple of weeks ago I put the flow frames on top and waited for two weeks. Nothing was added to the frames, so I went back to feeding them.


If the colony is strong in numbers I would stop feeding them, there should be a good flow of nectar. Check in about 3 weeks as to the stores situation improving.
At the moment my hives up here are working the flow and storing honey in the supers. A bit of rain this past week and a cooler change will increase the amount of nectar.


Hi Eddy, the same has happened at my hives, the wattle birds feed on bees occasionally. Interesting to watch but nothing we can do about it, or even need to do about it, it’s just part of the natural cycle of life.

I’ve also had a golden orb spider build its web right next to a hive, it had a regular supply of bees! Golden orbs have only a short lifespan though so it was there for only one season.