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First steps in Beekeeping, England

I am a first time beekeeper, awaiting delivery of Flowhive. I am confused, though, as to wht sort of nuc to order. Could anyone please advise? I am in England, and the choices are advertised as British Standard, Langstroth, or Jumbo.
Advice gratefully received.

Hiya @Brede & welcome to the forum! Flow equipment follows Langstroth dimensions, so you’ll be all set with Langstroth nucs. Other types might be close in sizes but not compatible.

Good luck with your new bees & let us know how things go :blush::+1:

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Oh, thank you! Huge relief. Now I can order a nuc.


Hi @Brede
I’ll second that as @Eva has said ‘Welcome to the Forum’’! :smiley:
I’m in England too…Northamptonshire.
I see that you’re in East Sussex. If you’re looking for bees i can recommend these guys, Paynes Southdown Bee Farm, down in Hassocks, West Sussex. Maybe not too far from you.
Roger is a really nice guy, will help you all the way to your choice of Nuc, he has Langstroth and he also talks Flow Hive!
I’m picking up a Nuc from him at the beginning of May as i’m setting out on my second time around beekeeping journey with a FH2.
I do know that they’ve sold out of overwintered Nuc’s but are taking orders for Summertime Nuc’s for which you maybe ready for.
All the best and keep us all posted on your beekeeping journey too! :honeybee:


Link: (https://www.iwantbees.co.uk/)


Thank you too, Nick. And yes, Hassocks not too far from us at all, and I was thinking either Paynes, or Thornes, or someone in S london called the local honeyman.

I am so looking forward to all of this.

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Have just ordered nuc from Paynes, thank you. I hadn’t realised quite how close they are to here; just over the hour.

I am also new to forums!

So I shall be finding my way in forum comms and in Beekeeping over the next months and years. Bear with me…

All best, Carrie

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Wow, that was quick…nice one!
I think you made a good choice. I met Roger recently at the Beetradex event, Bee Trade Exhibition. He’ll help you all the way and keep you posted right up to when you go and collect your bees on the day. I also checked out ‘Local Honey Man’ when i was looking but had better vibes from Paynes.
There’s also a wealth of experience and guidance from fellow beeks on all sorts of bee related topics here on the Forum to guide and assist you on your beekeeping journey also :smiley:

Buzzing…exiting times!