Hello from Metro Atlanta!

Howdy folks!

I’m from Metro Atlanta and stopping in to say, ‘Hi!’

I’ve been researching beekeeping for about two years now and I’m finally biting the bullet this Spring! If you’re in my general area I’d love to pick your brain, especially if you already have a Flow Hive.

One of my biggest questions is the dimensions on the brood frames for the Hybrid Flow hive. I’m about to place my order for a Nuc and want to make sure everything fits correctly.

Also, If you live in the North GA area, do you have any recommendations for Bee suppliers? I’ve found several and think I’ve chosen one but I want to make sure I’m not missing anybody.


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Hey Andy. Welcome.

If you buy a nuc as many of us started with, you just need to ensure they’re langstroth deep frames and they’ll fit perfectly into your brood box.

Good luck!

Thanks @Nathan_Brisbane! That’s what I figured after looking through different threads but just wanted to make sure since I saw some slight variations (by less than 1/4 inch in depth).

If you’re planning to start beekeeping this year I recommend getting your hive in-hand asap and ordering your bees very very soon.

Welcome to the forum!

Thanks @Wizard, I actually ordered my Nuc (overwintered) yesterday for a 4/15 pickup!!!

I just have to bite the bullet on the hive now. I’m honestly back and forth with the Hybrid Flow or a traditional Langstroth and will probably make my final decision over the next couple of days.

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Hi Andy, a local bee organization, or group would be worth while checking out, in order to gain some local knowledge. Find out what local beekeepers use & recommend. Also ask “why”.

Thanks @JeffH
I found a local group (Metro Atlanta Beekeepers) and they’re actually doing a first year class at the end of this month. There are several speakers and I’ll be able to get a better sense of specifics for my area.

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Flow hives are traditional langstroth hives. The only difference is the flow frames for honey extraction. You can modify any langstroth super to accommodate flow frames. There are some good directions in this forum. Use the magnifying glass to search old threads.

Since my area runs double brood boxes most the folks have 3 and 4 supers on top to accommodate the bees needed nectar flow space. There should be lots of comb honey and flow honey to come. :partying_face:

I started my colonies last year so I didn’t have a honey harvest, but this year, I expect an amazing harvest. Most people and I recommend starting 2 colonies instead of just one, it will give you readily available frames of brood to transfer if something goes horribly wrong. And things can go horribly wrong incredibly fast, especially starting out as a new beek.

I wish I could but I don’t know if I’ll be able to this year. The Nuc+Hybrid Flow+everything else added up quickly and, while I saved up and budgeted, it’ll be a while before I can add another hive.

More than likely you won’t need the flow super the first season - you could do two packages instead of nucs too. Or someone in your club could give you a split.


Hi Andy, if you’re handy with wood, beekeeping can be very friendly to the budget conscious. I’m not sure if it works in Metro Atlantis, but over here unwanted furniture can be easily acquired for free. We find stuff on “Marketplace, Free Stuff, our local area”. All you need is the ability to pick it up. For example: we recently picked up an unwanted pine wall unit. After pulling it down one morning & removing all the nails, screws & hinges etc, I set to work & constructed 13 full depth 10 frame supers, 8 bottom boards & 8 migratory lids…

Essentially, all I need to add now, after paint is frames & a queen excluder for 8 hives, then round up some more free wood to make 3 more supers, then I’ll have 8 double bee hives, for just the cost of the frames & QEs.

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Thanks for the tips @JeffH and @chau06

I’ve already ordered and paid for the first Nuc but I may try to order a package to start a second (plus that’ll give me the experience of starting from scratch). My thought on a Nuc was to just give my hive the best chance of success.

Y’all have definitely given me some ideas to mull over for the next couple of days before I start solidifying my plans.

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