Strong Nucs now available to purchase from well established Apiary :: Geebung, Brisbane, QLD

Are you looking to purchase a starter colony (Nuc) of happy and healthy bees for your new beehive? Have you just got into beekeeping and need some assistance and to buy bees for your new Flow Hive or do you have traditional Langstroth hive?

Starting with a five frame Nuc is the best way to begin your beekeeping journey and purchasing a Nuc from Two Busy Bees Honey lets you learn and get used to working with bees while the colony grows. Our Nucs / Starter Hives are very well established, from a large permanent and settled apiary site with over 80 beehives, super strongly populated, disease-free, have a gentle temperament and a proven queen.

Our Nucs include (five frames in total):

  • Five full size Langstroth frames (pure beeswax foundation) in a brand new secure Ecrotek transporting Corflute Nuc/ transport box
  • 2 – 3 frames eggs/ capped/ uncapped brood – all stages of the bee development
  • 1 – 2 frames of honey and pollen – we don’t want them going hungry!
  • 1 x mated, healthy and robust Queen Bee of Italian, Caucasian or our special Hybrid genes originally grafted from a trusted Brisbane based Queen Bee breeder (first generation)
  • 5000 to 7000 (approx) bees, sufficient to be transferred to a full size box when you are ready
  • Step by Step Instructions with everything you need to know to get stated with your new colony
  • Virtual support for any questions about keeping bees. Collection is from Geebung, Brisbane (Northside) on a Tuesday evening (by appointment)

I tell new beekeepers, especially with Flow hives, that purchase nucs from me to jump on this forum to ask any questions. Myself & others will endeavor to answer those question, which may help others as well.

It would be good if you could also join in, in helping others…

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I’ve been “helping others” for quite a while now with bee knowledge for their new Flow Hives.

I meant on this forum, which I see you have started a few minutes ago.