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First super on HSC


I’m one month out from a package on a deep of HSC. I can super either a medium of HSC or SC waxed foundation. Opinions or evidence based observations on the option? Thx.


sorry, whats HSC? or even SC?


Small cell? …



HSC = Honey Super Cell (Fully drawn plastic comb in deep depth and 4.9mm cell size)
SC = Small Cell (4.9mm cell size or South Carolina)

I’m not sure I understand. You have a box of deep HSC and a box of medium HSC? Why not do one or the other. Considering the weight, I’d do all mediums. Interchangeability is a wonderful thing.

As are light boxes:

But as far as what the bees will do, you’ll lose about two weeks as they piddle around and make up their mind to use the HSC. Once they start they seem to do ok and once they’ve used the HSC they treat it like any other comb. The problem is that two weeks is a big loss for a package and they may not have a lot of young bees that have emerged by the time you add your box. If a lot of young bees have emerged the SC will work fine. If not, it may not work so well. You might be better off with the HSC as they can’t mess it up, though they can hesitate to use it. Once the HSC is in use it is wonderful stuff that the wax moths can’t eat and the small hive beetles can’t eat.


2nd answer was what I was looking for. I’ll go with the HSC for now. We’re going to be a month early on our main nectar flow (blackberrys, PNW), so HSC is the best choice. The package took the HSC with out waiting; I’ll rub the frames with bwax and perhaps a spray of sugar water. I am on the process of converting all to mediums. Thx MB, for your helpfulness - much appreciated.