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Small cell conversion

I have read about the small cell frames that @Michael_Bush uses and have a question regarding regression. I have watched a few of your presentations on youtube on the Shenandoah Valley Beekeepers Association channel and it has brought some questions to mind.

If I place a small cell frame (Mann Lake PF100’s) between two brood frames that have been built by the bees from the larger 5.4mm will they build the cells on that frame 4.9mm like the foundation is built? Or will they over time slowly regress down to the 4.9mm? I would like to start the process with my one hive that made it thru the winter but also begin the process with my other three hives that did not. What would you recommend as the best way to move forward?

PS. I have read the piece on regression from your website.


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My experience is that the PF100s (or PF120s) are almost always drawn as they are laid out. Wax 4.9mm they may rebuild to a different size, but the plastic they don’t.

Thank you @Michael_Bush that is good to hear. I have two packages arriving the first weekend of May as well as two additional queens. The packages I am going to start off immediately on the small cell frames. My other hives I am going to begin the regression process. Thanks for your advice!

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