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Five legged Queen


While checking in my brood box I noticed my queen had one leg missing. Will this affect her laying?


Maybe, maybe not. But if the hive doesn’t like her performance and she can lay at all, they will supersede her and fix it for you. :blush:


Just what @Dawn_SD said


If it is a front leg it most likely will cause her to lay only drones or not lay because that is how the queen assesses the cell size. If it’s any of the other four, it probably won’t matter. I’ve had queens with a bad back leg who laid fine and did fine. If she is getting around ok she will likely do fine. But then I’ve also had queens who seemed to have more than just a bad leg, who couldn’t get around well and had to be replaced. The bees will usually replace a queen like that, but you might be able to speed things along.


Great information. Thank you