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Queen laying multiple eggs


I have a smallish swarm I caught about 5 weeks ago. I inspected it yesterday and saw the queen- but I also noticed that in some cells there were two or three eggs? They were all at the bottom of the cells- not on the walls so I am pretty sure it is not a laying worker. Could the queen be defective? Its quite possible she as a virgin queen as it was a small swarm: maybe not a primary swarm. Should I be concerned or might this clear up with time?


I’ve read posts of young Queens sometimes laying multiple eggs at once but it usually stops. Never had the experience though so can’t really offer any advice.


Occasionally young queens or abnormal queens will lay multiple eggs per cell, but not as many or as haphazard as seen in laying worker colonies. Laying workers may also lay eggs in pollen cells and on the side wall of cells.


I agree with Alan @SnowflakeHoney. She is probably just a very young, inexperienced queen. She will get the hang of it pretty soon, I would guess. :wink:


I have seen it in a hive with multiple queens but this is different to a swarm… I would put it down to a young queen too…


Update: after struggling along- suddenly this colony vanished. I suspect a full and sudden absconding as there were no bee bodies in the bottom of the hive… Just empty combs. Seems there was some issue for sure with the dodgy multiple egg laying queen.

:egg::egg::egg::crown: :honeybee:= dodgy

I had this hive near other larger ones and I am wondering if it’s possible the workforce absconded to one of the other hives. I hope so!