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FLOW arrived and built.. now we wait for nuc!


Here are a few pictures of the finished product… now a little tung oil and we wait for the girls to arrive!


Whole convent of nuns??? Great title for the posting :smile: Don’t ya just love the auto-correct feature? It doesn’t speak beekeeping! :blush:

For the archives, the original title of this post said “now we wait for nun”


Don’t forget.
Don’t put the flow frames on till you have all the brood frames drawn out and 80% occupied by brood


Plus think about a second brood box on top of the original one if you are in a cooler climate and beekeepers in your local area normally do this. Much of the US uses 2 brood boxes below the honey super in their hives, so that the bees have sufficient stores to last over winter. The colder the winter, the more stores they need.


Hi, newbe here. Can you enlarge on the term “frames drawn out”, thanks for your help.


This picture shows an empty frame, and another with man-made “foundation” - a building block for bees. No work from the bees in a new hive has gone into these frames.

This frame shows what a partly “drawn out” foundationless frame looks like.

This is a fully drawn out frame:


LOL… almost fell off my chair! Sorry - NUC!


I prefer nun. After all, worker bees are all virgins, serving the absolute leader! :smile:


Thank you, very clear now. :smile:


Just received my complete cedar Flow Hive and frames today with Aussie Post delivery and didn’t even need to sign for it, how trusting are they.

Anyway, I got straight to the task and unpacked both boxes - all appears intact and of extreme great quality. The timber has virtually no knots and was machined and cut perfectly as I did not need to sand any of the finger joints which many people have been complaining about.

I still need to add some final touches to the installation but I am very confident that everything will continue to go very smoothly.

I take my hat off to both the Flow Team and BeeThinking for a job very well done


Red cedar is an awesome wood and yes very little knots. I am a bit addicted to it being a Canuck. I build everything out of it. I recommend using linseed oil. A couple coats should get it through the first year.



Which do you like best Western Red or the Yellow that grow along a lot of the B.C. N Inland Passage coast. Beautiful passage for sailing. Gerald


I have to say the smell of red and the colour when coated can’t be beat. I lived on Vancouver Island so I have to say I’m a bit partial to any cedar. :slight_smile: