The Long Wait Is OVER!

Just 2 days ago I placed an order with Flow for another complete system, this time I chose the Aussie made Hoop pine version because of the discounted price, $100 off RRP. I also ordered 7 flow frames to be installed in my horizontal hive that I am currently constructing. With Flows current Aussie promo of 15% off (expires 16 June 2016) on ordered placed on their website, I just could not resist.

Anyway, with the order being placed only 2 days ago, I have received notification that all will be delivered today with Aussie Post.

I am in somewhat in a state of shock as my last Flow hive took some 5 month to be delivered - so well done to all at Flow Team.

I am now overFlowed with hives and not a single bee in sight.


Well done Max, you know the old saying “build it & they will come”.


Do you have bees organised for spring Max?

Not yet. Will need to get my hands on 5 x 5 frame nucs as I have a couple of friends who just received their flow hives yesterday. Any suggestions on where to source them, would prefer marked Italian queens.

If you want get bees earlier rather than later, my tips would be:

  1. Get on the swarm list at your local bee club, swarms start in August
  2. Get to know the beekeepers in the club, someone may do an early split for you
  3. Place an order with Hornsby Beekeeping (packages start arriving late Sept, Nucs in late Nov)
  4. Give some of the professional bee breeding companies a call and ask for a Nuc, in your area I would say Queen Bee Exporters in Blayney, Goldfields Honey in Vittoria, or SydneyBees in Stanmore.

There are several others, but this is a good place to start thinking and making some calls. Beekeepers by their nature are not great communicators or marketers and work the old fashioned way of ‘word of mouth’ and landline telephone. Cheers Rod


How’s it coming along? I am working on my plan at the moment… I was thinking of possibly using only 4 flow frames. I was wondering how much difference there would be with 6 or 7 compared to four. I was wondering if perhaps using less frames- but extracting more often (which Flow makes easy)- one could get similar harvests? I wonder what others think of this?

As many Australians only use a single brood box- I was thinking of making my vertical langstroth the equivalent of two boxes- so maybe 16-20 frames in length with 4 flow frames at one end with a queen excluder. How long do you plan to go Schnucki?

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My horizontal hive is work in progress. I do not have a plan, just making it up as I go along. I am making the hive from 25mm pine plywood and painting it with a sealer and 3 coats of Wattyl Solarguard. I am utilising 7 Flow frames, queen excluder and will build up my brood box as the colony grow. I have made the width 1200mm so the bees have plenty of room to expand. I will be using 2 x follower boards to follow the expanding hive.

I have decided to use #8 stainless wire on the bottom for ventilation. Having a 19mm pine top will keep the heat in during winter and cold air drops through the ventilation wire. Having good insulation under the roof will keep the heat out in summer. They say that this system is also good for snow country, not too cold in winter. Sourcing this #8 wire was a hassle as I could only get a min order of 3m and I only needed 500mm width, I now have enough to make another 5 horizontals.

I have also made plenty of viewing windows all round, much bigger than the Flow hive has which gives me optimal viewing of the complete frames, not just a small section.

I may even consider putting in a foundationless frame in the super side so as to get some honeycomb as well. They say, the bigger the hive, the stronger so less hassles with the beetles etc (I hope), that’s why I would like it the bigger the better.

It is a very tedious job but it is coming along. Going to Europe in 2 weeks time and will have to get it completed in late July/August when I return.

Your idea of 4 frames should work, you can also make it a hybrid system and collect some honeycomb as well.

If you are going to order from Flow in Australia, do so b4 16 June and put in the promo code Flow15 for a 15% discount. Too good an opportunity to miss.

I am only new to all this, in fact, I’m not even a bee keeper, just a bee hive keeper at the moment.

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Looking forward to seeing some updates and photos of this work in progress Max…

Just placed an order with Bunyip Beekeeper for a 5 frame nuc with a marked Kangaroo Island Ligurian Queen. Does not arrive until 7 Dec so I have plenty of time to set up my newest complete Flow Hive addition. Now just need t source another 4. Thanks for your tips Rod. Will be in touch with OrangebeeMan mid August for a early Sept pickup (I hope).

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I just ordered my first Flow-Hive today ! Just got notice the wood cedar box parts are in shipping as of Noon today… Beethinking the manufacture is only 180 plus miles from my house. I often get stuff from them in about 3 to 5 days max. One time I had it in two days. The plastic will take longer. That’s a long plane ride to the States ! Might move one of my active smaller colonies in. Not sure yet.


Good to see you getting a Flow Hive, you will be happy with the quality.

If you like, I can hand deliver you the Flow Frames, the only catch is that you gotta pay for my return airfare from Sydney, happy to go cattle class though :slight_smile:

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Hi all. Ive been thinking about ordering this same nuc, as id like gentle bees. Does anyone have experince with bunyip beekeeper or the kangaroo island bees?

Lol’s bro ! Just been watch all you Assies having that FUN finially got to me :smiley:… Then everyone up here n Europe start doing the same stuff. FLOW put that 15% off thingy going. I just couldn’t resist any longer. Not sure that savings would get ya off the ground heading here :smile: and diffident not back home ! Your a little big to stay in one of my spare hives n my grandson beat ya to the R.V. Trailer out in the driveway.

. Maybe we can talk the kid into using his pup tent. . Otherwise its the hen house . But it’s pretty small but the view of the :honeybee::honeybee::honeybee:’s is great . Been nice chatting with ya bro … Been too :cloud::zap::umbrella::dash: Stormy today for much.

Got up on the roof n cleaned the eves n gutters earlier <img src="//" width=“281” height="500> the edge of our roof looked like Niagera Falls this morning. Also got up on my roof top ladder to clean n check my weather instruments too

It’s a ways up there ! Well, got to GO ! Have a great day bro !


There is no doubt they are very calm bees and for an urban setting that is ideal. Some questions remain on their honey production and SHB resistance. These bees are being crossed with a more hygienic breed in victoria and also queensland which should make for a better bee. My advice would be to take SHB seriously as they can take hold very quickly come spring. I have been lucky so far but many of my colleagues in the same area have lost theirs hives to slime out (sometimes within a week) from this beetle and it is expected to be severe again come spring.

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My latest complete Flow Hive will be placed on my daughter’s de-comissioned play equipment as she has now outgrown it and she has given me her permission.

The position is great for the morning sun and with a roof overhead, waterproof is 100%. The high rise set up has two emergency exits, the slippery dip and a fireman’s pole - good if the bees get too cranky.

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Emergency exists are essential and you can always flip the boat over the top of you for a bit of extra protection should their crankiness get out of hand. :open_mouth:

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