Flow frame damage

I just received my first flow hive and I was wondering about if people were having problems with frames being damaged in shipping? where you drain the honey out on the very end, the clear plastic part is buckled and not laying flat down on the frame. the spout hole is bent away from the rest of the frame.

Can you post pictures? http://www.honeyflow.com/contact/p/3 Go to this link and submit an inquiry. The Flow Team is very good at responding and taking care of issues with items that are damaged. If you didn’t take pictures please do so. You will need to send them off to the team.


I received a email from the flow team a couple of weeks after receiving mine with a customer survey link. Had a few very minor issues with mine, (one finger joint was slightly misaligned and required sanding 2 fingers and missing one sight window screw). They got back to me a few days after completing the survey requesting more info and a day or 2 after I emailed them back with the requested info.
I think they are serious about trying to ship everything in 100% perfect condition and happy to fix any problems you may have.

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Here is what the frames looked like and yes I did an inquiry. Thank you


It looks broken. :blush: @Faroe will be happy that you sent in an enquiry on the form, especially if you attached a photo or two. Flow have been extremely good about replacing faulty or damaged items, so I am confident that they will see you right.

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Thanks Dawn_SD, I just didn’t know if it was fixable.

That is a good question, but I doubt very much that it can be fixed. It is bent where the tensioning wire runs, and I think the risk of a total fracture of the part is pretty high. If that happened, the whole frame would fall apart - not something you want when it is full of honey and the bees’ hard work is wasted… :anguished:

The frame could be disassembled and just that part replaced - a 20 min job if you watch the video on how to do it. You would still need a good replacement part first, though. I suspect that Flow will probably send you a complete replacement frame, unless you express a preference to repair it.

Hi, Checking in that your survey is getting response and assistance with this!


Yes Sara it is. Thank you. Flow is replacing my frames.

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Hi, Checking in that your survey is getting response and assistance with


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Excellent, glad to hear it. In general they are pretty quick. I needed a replacement part for my hive and they handled it swiftly, but occasionally things slip between the cracks ; -)