Has anyone else recieved frames with the plastic caps missing or am I just lucky?

My 7 flow frames finally arrived, much excitement.

Unfortunately while unboxing them and fitting the frames in my super I noticed that some of the plastic caps were missing both for the top tool hole and the bottom honey extraction hole.

Anyone else have this problem?



If you email info@honeyflow.com with your order number and the e-mail address you used to order your frames, they will fix things very quickly for you.


No, everything just perfect. Even had a packing list
But I’ll bet there is a roaring trade in spares as they will be so easy to misplace.

Good to know. Maybe I was just in a bad batch.

I put through a support request with my order number and email this morning.

Nothing yet but it’s a public holiday here in Australia so that’s not very surprising.
Hopefully someone will get back tomorrow.

One of mine was missing, I found it in one of the boxes, they are loose fitting on mine, and easily fall out. Try Double checking all the boxes.

Did that. Definitely not there.

It’s not just one frame, its several. I suspect they fell out before being boxed and are lying around on a factory floor somewhere.

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What is “quickly” do you think?

It’s been three days since I sent a mail with info and order number and email address.
I got a response a day after submitting the problem asking for photos of the damaged frames. I replied that the frames weren’t damaged they were just missing the plugs - and I described the plugs and asked if they needed photos of the empty holes.

That was two days ago. Since then I’ve heard absolutely nothing.

It’s really frustrating because I’d love to try and use this product but after 11 months of waiting, what I’ve been shipped isn’t usable and they aren’t even answering for the past two days.

Some people have had replacements within a week, depending on where in the world they are located. I am sure you will hear from @Faroe or @JedT very soon. :wink:

Well, I finally heard from flow last Monday morning (Saturday afternoon now).
They asked for the “Flow Frame model number”.
I replied and supplied that to them on Monday morning.

I’ve had no reply back, no information, received no parts and have absolutely no idea what is going on and whether they intent to send the missing covers - or when.

It’s now almost two weeks since first contacting them.
It is really a let down after the excitement and interest I had in this product.
It’s now so late in the summer that by the time I get my frames workable there probably won’t be any point installing the flow super until next spring :frowning:

I’m in Australia, near the coast between Sydney and Brisbane (where the factory is) - so hardly at the end of the world. It’s on a 1-2 night standard post from there to here.

That’s frustrating. Communication may be slow, but it will get straightened out. Hopefully sooner!

I also have 1 cap missing and one extraction tube so you are not the only one. I am in NZ.

It’s now a full two weeks since initially contacting flow and more than a week since I’ve had any sort of response. The last contact was flow asking for my frame part number 8 days ago. Dead silence since, no response to my mail.

I’m beginning to despair that anyone from flow will even let me know what is going on - let alone supply the missing parts.

I am also missing two caps, been waiting three weeks. It is a real let down not being able to use the product. I could put the frame in without the top and bottom and plug but I am worried about hive beetles getting in there.

Its such an easy fix. Ring the factory. " Stick two plugs in an envelope for this bloke". Done.

Hi. Please contact info@honeyflow.com and this will be taken care of asap. I know you are concerned that you have not been contacted for a week but please understand that the bulk of all the crowd funding campaign is being delivered between Dec and Feb and our customer support team is going full speed ahead and still it can take several days for a response at the moment. If you have contacted customer support rest assured that the missing part is being processed for you asap.

I will personally follow up with this specific concern and see if I can arrange this dispatch as soon as possible or will locate some spares from our office and send them directly if it looks like it will be much longer.

Thank you for your patience.

Cedar is heading to the factory tomorrow morning. I have asked the factory to hand a small batch of these caps to him directly and we will make sure and get these sorted out asap.

I have contacted info@honeyflow.com.
I contacted them WEEKS ago.
I have contacted them MANY times.
They don’t respond or let me know what’s going on.
It’s 2.5 weeks since my initial contact with them and 1.5 weeks since they asked for my frame part number and nothing whatsoever since.

That isn’t good support! It’s terrible and very disappointing.

Three weeks now. Still no idea what is going on and no one has responded at all for weeks.

I just want someone from flow to contact me and let me know why they haven’t/can’t send through replacements for the missing caps in anything resembling a sane period of time - and when it might be resolved.

Yes, I know they’re busy but THREE WEEKS???

Hi Kath, I’m really sorry about the delay with your spare parts. Our shipped orders issue team sends replacements normally within a day if they have the parts.
Unfortunately your frame number BZ6 - there are no spare parts :frowning: I know it’s unbelievable and frustrating for both you and us working to try and get these parts sent out.

We should just be able to pop them in an envelope and send them out. (it is driving me a bit mad to be honest). I followed up on your enquiry when you first posted, and at that stage there were no parts. I’m sorry for not updating you about this, or no one from shipped order issues contacting you.

I will follow up on this again and I will send you an email with what I find out.

More than four weeks. Still waiting. I couldnt wait any longer and have used sticky tape to cover the holes.

If I get to five weeks I will start a new thread.

“Methods to plug flow frames holes after missing components not replaced by Flow Hive”

I’m sorry I can’t find you in our system with the email address you used in this forum. If you would like to PM me your email address or order number for your order I can check on your replacement parts for you.

We did however send all the replacement parts on the 18th when we finally got them in stock to send. So you should receive them soon.

Feel free to PM me though as I mentioned and I can double check for you.