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Flow Frames leave extra space on the side


Hi everyone, I am a newborn bk. I recently installed my first Flow hive and noticed a little extra space on one side of the super. Has anyone had anything similar?

Are the bees going to seal it with propolis?

If not, do you think it is going to create any problems in terms of humidity or ventilation?

Thanks everyone, happy beekeeping


Yes we all have :slight_smile:
Not a problem though. Just spread the frames evenly over the whole area. I have had no cross linking only a bit of wax on the top sides and top (maybe altogether the wax was about size of 3 large grapes)

Edit: the space helps in the removal of the frames if required.


I was just looking at mine last night and yes exactly the same as last year and the bees are fine. They feel the gap up with Propulus, as long as the gap is not large enough for them to get through everything will be okay.

You can see the difference with a started filling up the gaps in this one


I can guarantee they will fill a gap that size with propolis as it is not big enough for a bee to get though. Mine also propolised all tension wires at the top of the flow frames. No idea why. I think they were bored :wink:.