Flow cedar brood box

The cedar brood boxes have been sold out forever
I need an extra real soon unfortunately. I don’t want every thing to look awkward with different types of wood. I used the oil suggested on the cedar (I cannot think of the name off the top of my head sorry)…would anyone have a picture of what the aracuna (sp?) Wood looks like with the oil treatment? I just don’t know how long I can wait and I don’t think I can handle if it looks too different than the cedar (silly I know but I’m weird like that). Thank you in advance. Please don’t hold my weirdness against me😂

Tung oil I used on the cedar😏

I’m in the same boat. I look daily if it’s back in stock. I bought a second brood box to keep my bees going and planned to swap it out but the box I got but it doesn’t fit the roof properly. 1/8 of an inch bigger and slightly bowed out in the middle. Driving me crazy. Can’t wait til it’s back in stock.


Thank you Michael good to know I’m not alone on this😃

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I would not use Tung oil on araucaria pine boxes. Flow recommends using exterior house paint. You could use something from a local supplier temporarily, and then transfer over to a cedar Flow box later. Even if you don’t continue to use the local box, it is always good to have extra boxes for unexpected circumstances in future… :wink:

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Thanks Dawn. I will do that tomorrow and just wait for stock to be replenished.

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How much odor did the tung oil give off? My flow hive arrived the day before my Nuc was to be picked up so I was never able to seal it. The stain was a big part of why I got the cedar…love the natural wood being seen. Was hoping I could do it with the bees inside or maybe just overtime in stages if necessary.

Hardly any at all. I actually did it inside and it didn’t bother my husband at all

I did wait 24+ hours before I put my bees in though. Mine was delivered late and my bees were asked to be picked up early so I only had 24 hours.

Not much, but depending on humidity, it stays sticky for a week or two. To me, it smells nutty, slightly rancid, but not unpleasantly so. You can apply it with bees in the box - they are not too interested in it. However, if you apply a thick coat, they may get stuck in it… :cry:

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