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Flow Hive 2 - COMING SOON!


March 5 New Flow Hive 2



That was an interesting tease ! Not really sure what to make of it … puzzled :confused:!

Waiting in Coalfield,


Yup I ordered a 2nd hive on March 1st and then I popped by the flow hive main page and saw the announcement! Meanwhile back at the house I’m waiting for my shipment to arrive and wonder if I should return it for the flow 2, but then it might be a whole different set up. So March 5th here we come!


@Martha -looking at the comments on the youtube post, Flow has responded to those in a similar situation. Might be worth a look there?
Seems to have a platform to put the jars whilst collecting?


Hmmm my phone won’t display YouTube comments


Martha, we want you to be happy with your purchase. If you feel you should have waited for this new product release please email us at info@honeyflow.com so we can help find a solution for you. – Leah (Flow Team).


I emailed and called. :grinning: Frankly, I don’t know what the new upgrades will be though I did ask about upgrades when I called. Mine is not delivered yet as I ordered March 1st. I guess I’m going to have to look over the situation, changes or new pricing etc.
Thank You for commenting on my purchase. Let’s work it out! :+1::grinning::honeybee::peace_symbol:



Looking forward to seeing the New Flow II upgrade. I’m still waiting for local conditions n mite control to give me success with Flow I .

My lack of Harvest is not a Flow-hive failure or problem. My first season Bee’s we’re building new comb n last season a long dry (near flowerless) dreath made short work of an chance of honey harvest in both my two Flows n standard Langstoth hive. So now at the brink of season # 3 :blush:… we’ll have to see how this one goes.

Cheers n anticipation,


It’s here and awesome! But I’m not sure I can work something out in time exchanging my hive which is not here yet for the best priced indigogo first 500. :frowning: I definitely want the stand and shelf. Those 2 features will make it easier than creating my own stuff.


The first initial offering is now sold out! Congratulation on that! In one hour too!


wow- they’ve only gone and raised 13.5 million USD in two days again! WOW! The hive sure looks nice…

EDIT: I think I read the indigogo page wrong… it’s referencing the previous sales?


Good for them! The customer service at Flow is fantastic and they are making it easier to enguage Americans and others around the world into beekeeping. This should take off in California as a 138 year ban on raising bees has been lifted. For a state that has to rent bees for decades this is great news.


there was a ban on raising bees in California? Never heard of that before. what happened 138 years ago to prompt that? Did the Governor get stung or something?


I’m not sure but hey it’s California and for one of the largest food production places with Almonds, Oranges, Avacados and more it made the national news with the repeal of the ban. California ships in pollinators to aid in production and many of the bees get destroyed by vandals and stolen. Who would have thought bees would be a cartel like run thing?




swriously WTF?

On June 10, 1879, Los Angeles lawmakers banned beekeeping within city limits. According to Mark Vallianatos, who teaches environmental policy at Occidental College, their rationale was frankly preposterous. Having noted the affinity between bees and fruit trees, they reasoned that bees attacked and damaged fruit, and concluded that outlawing bees was the best way to preserve crops.

Soon enough scientists debunked this ridiculous theory — bees are vitally important pollinators — and by 1917, the Los Angeles Times was calling the no-beekeeping policy 'an ancient and still-unrepealed city ordinance.

It took 138 years to repeal such stupidity?


I know right? It’s totally crazy being that with all the wild fires killing feral bees and commercial growers unable to raise bees on their property. Thank goodness they came to their senses! But I think the fighting of the fruit fly clobbered through crop dusting.


San Diego city started allowing urban beekeeping in 2012. :blush:


I grew up in the San Fernando Valley where half the west valley was Orange Groves though it’s not now.


I’ve only ever been to LAX on my way to New York- but I feel familiar with a lot of California from reading every book that Steinbeck ever wrote. Kinda wish I could go back in time to the San Fernando Valley- circa 1935.

East of Eden has to be the greatest- but Tortilla Flat is the funniest.